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“I started Whatever Girls the summer of 2009 with a simple mission: to intentionally parent my soon to be teenage daughter, Grace, during her teen years. Knowing how influential peer groups are to kids, I decided to form a club for girls and their moms with the purpose of getting together a couple times a month to talk about things and have fun. We immediately had a huge response from girls and their moms. We talked about all sorts of things, from their identity in Christ, their purpose in life, friendships, dating, peer pressure, and a ton of other things. We also had spa nights where we painted our nails, did facials, ate delicious snacks and laughed A LOT. Whether they will admit it or not, girls do want their moms to be part of their lives, so why not invite other moms and daughters to join the teen journey with you?” -Erin Bishop, Founder | Executive Director, Whatever Girls

What happens at Whatever Girls?

Group meetings are filled with fun and meaningful conversations and activities. Girls and moms get to know each other through icebreaker activities, they do Bible studies, book clubs, Whatever Girls lesson plans, service projects, have special outings, activities, and retreats, and most importantly, they learn about the unique young woman God created them to be. The Whatever Girls leadership team is available to offer help with planning activities and lessons, but the ownership of the groups really is left to the moms and daughters.


What do girls get out of Whatever Girls Groups?
-Break free from the cultural definition of beauty

-Gain confidence in who God created them to be
-Receive tools to successfully navigate peer pressure, girl drama, and relationships.


What do moms get out of Whatever Girls Groups?

-Learn to parent intentionally

-Develop relationships with their girls that last a lifetime
-Raise girls who look to Jesus, not boys, to fill the love gap in their heart.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Groups


Where Do Whatever Girls Groups Meet?

You can meet wherever you want! In your home, you can rotate homes with other moms and daughters, coffee shops, ice cream shops, libraries-wherever you want!


How Often Do Whatever Girls Groups Meet?

You can meet as often as you want. Set a realistic schedule. Once a week meetings may be too frequent, whereas once a month may not be often enough. Once you set a schedule, do your best to stick with it. Consistency is key, but so is flexibility.


How Long Are the Meetings?

 As long as you want. Most are about two hours long, which gives you plenty of time for introductions, icebreakers, your lesson and/or activity, snack, and prayer requests.


Do Groups Only Meet During the School Year?

That is up to you. Many groups continue to meet during the summer, but not as often, and sometimes rather than studying a book, they do activities, like spa night parties!

Are Groups Open to the Public, Or Invite Only?

 This is also up to you. You may already have a core group of friends you want to start out with, and that’s fine with us. That’s how my first group started, and as word got out about our group, we welcomed more moms and daughters.


What Do You Do At Meetings?

Meetings are designed to be a safe place where girls and moms can share what’s on their hearts, get to know each other better, pray for one another, study God’s Word, learn how to be a Whatever Girl, discuss topics that girls are experiencing, participate in fun activities, take part in service projects, and support and encourage each other.


Do You Have Curriculum?

We do not have a set curriculum that you have to use. We have developed and will continue to develop topical lessons and lessons based on Scripture that you may use, activities we have developed, we run Whatever Girls Online Bible Studies (WGOBS) a few  times a year, and we have a wide variety of recommended books, activators, icebreakers, and resources available for you to choose from. Our groups are mother driven with the idea that moms know what their girls need to learn, and when. We offer resources for you to pick and choose from as an added bonus.


How Much Does It Cost?

There is no cost. We do recommend you purchase a Whatever Girls Leader Kit (which should be available after September 30) for $30 plus s&h, which includes our leader guide, lessons, and special surprises for your group.

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