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What is an online Bible study?

Whatever Girls Online Bible Studies take place online and at your convenience. You can connect to the resources we provide and do your reading and studying at a time and pace that works for you. You can do the study alone, with your mom or daughter, or get a group of friends to do the study with you. Other than our optional interviews (more information below), there are no set times for you to participate.

When and where do the Whatever Girls Online Bible Studies take place?

Everything related to Whatever Girls Online Bible Studies (WGOBS) can be found on this page. Our Facebook page and private Facebook group (more information on these below) are additional places to connect with us and the other WGOBS participants. You’re not required to take part in the discussions on Facebook or to join a private Facebook group, but we highly recommend it.

Every Monday a short video or blog post will be posted on this page and emailed to participants to guide and prepare you for the week ahead.


What is the Facebook page for?

You can interact with the Whatever Girls OBS team, page followers, and other participants on our Facebook page and in the Facebook small group we will send you a link to at the beginning of the study. Here you can share what God is teaching you through the study, ask questions, give and receive encouragement, pray, share ideas and more.

The private Facebook group (no one outside of the group can see that they exist, who belongs to it or the content that is posted) will allow for deeper and more personal conversations and prayer requests to take place than our regular, public Facebook page.

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