Thank you for your interest in the Whatever Girls #WhenMomsPray Prayer Challenge and for being a woman of faith who is willing to pray for their daughter, or another special young woman in their life. 


I started the #WhenMomsPray prayer challenge several years ago after realizing I wasn’t praying enough for my kids. After the first week of a new school year, when I noticed that my kids were coming home feeling weary and depleted, it occurred to me that though they were getting spiritually nourished at home, they were greatly impacted by the spiritual atmosphere at school and by their peers. 


I began to wonder, “What if moms prayed for their daughters? Not just the quick ‘Help her_________, Lord’ type of prayers, but really prayed?” Surely there had to be some moms out there who would be up for a prayer challenge. 


There weren’t “some” moms who were up for this; rather, there were hundreds—which now have become thousands—of moms from around the world who joined in praying for their daughters every day of the school year. 


As I was organizing the prayer challenge, I came across a verse in Paul’s letter to the Romans (1:8) 


“…your faith is being reported all over the world.” 


There is such significance in these nine words. Christianity was spreading in Rome. Communication didn’t travel nearly as fast then as it did now, but it was newsworthy, and it spread. 


What if our prayers for our daughters were reported all over the world? What if God did something so amazing in our daughters’ lives as a result of our prayers that the world took notice and became inspired? 


As moms, our most effective battle position is on our knees.

An Invitation:

This year’s prayer challenge will be launched on September 1, 2019 and go through June 15, 2020.


How it Works:


We make it easy to participate by providing you with daily, guided prayers for the duration of the prayer challenge. You can sign up to receive the prayer challenges calendar emailed to you, by clicking “HERE”, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest to follow the challenge online. You can also join our private prayer group community where you will receive encouragement and prayer.


Will You Share and Invite?


Please invite all the moms of daughters you know to join us in this sacred place. 


Recommended Resources:

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65 Promises from God for Your Child: Powerful Prayers for Supernatural Results by Mike Shreve


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